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An EORI number is essential for any company importing or exporting from the European Union, in order to carry out the necessary customs procedures.
Are you an e-MSP or CPO supplying electricity via electric charging stations or related services ? Discover the VAT implications and ensure your compliance in all EU countries.
Appointing a fiscal representative is not always a requirement within the EU, but it is always a good idea: find out why.
VAT Regulations 28 February 2023
E-commerce with or without storage, dropshipping, here are concrete cases of problems and solutions to the British customs.
The structure of VAT rates, partially harmonized within the European Union, will evolve, and the list of products that can benefit from reduced rates as well: this is what the…
Are you a foreighn company importing goods into France? If so, from 2022 onwards, you must have a French VAT number and use the reverse charge mechanism on the French…
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