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Focus: Brexit
As a result of BREXIT, British companies liable for VAT in the European Union are likely to have to appoint a fiscal representative.

Northern Ireland – BREXIT: what’s new in INTRASTAT for 2022

Following the BREXIT, Northern Ireland has a special status with respect to the European Union and Intra-Community VAT rules: for sales of goods, the Intra-Community rules are still applicable to this territory and it is necessary to have a XI VAT number (Northern Ireland); for sales of services Northern Ireland is considered a third territory....
3 December 2021

Great Britain – BREXIT: what’s new in INTRASTAT for 2022

Following BREXIT, Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland, Jersey and Guernsey) is no longer part of the European Union and the VAT directives are therefore no longer applicable. In 2021, a transition period was in place. Companies were still liable to pay INTRASTAT on entry into the UK for importing goods from the EU. On the...
30 November 2021

Northern Ireland – BREXIT: The Transition Period Between the United Kingdom and the European Union Has Ended

Following the UK referendum on 26th June 2016, the UK officially left the European Union on 1st January 2021 after lengthy negotiations to establish a withdrawal agreement. For VAT purposes, Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) is considered a non-EU country. The negotiated withdrawal agreement includes a protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, awarding Northern...
Country Briefs
1 January 2021

United Kingdom – Post-Brexit Intrastat Requirements for UK Companies

HM Revenue & Customs – HMRC, has announced that UK companies will still be required to file INTRASTAT returns after BREXIT. The thresholds and deadlines for filing returns will remain unchanged. Consequently, the INTRASTAT return will be required in addition to the customs declaration. This obligation will no longer apply to companies established within the...
18 December 2019
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