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Northern Ireland – BREXIT: what’s new in INTRASTAT for 2022

Following the BREXIT, Northern Ireland has a special status with respect to the European Union and Intra-Community VAT rules: for sales of goods, the Intra-Community rules are still applicable to this territory and it is necessary to have a XI VAT number (Northern Ireland); for sales of services Northern Ireland is considered a third territory....
3 December 2021

Great Britain – BREXIT: what’s new in INTRASTAT for 2022

Following BREXIT, Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland, Jersey and Guernsey) is no longer part of the European Union and the VAT directives are therefore no longer applicable. In 2021, a transition period was in place. Companies were still liable to pay INTRASTAT on entry into the UK for importing goods from the EU. On the...
30 November 2021

France – New data to be reported on the statistical survey

In order to comply with the European Business Statistics regulation (EBS) of 27th November 2019 n°2019/2151 it will now be mandatory to indicate product origins on statistical surveys (at introduction and dispatch) along with the customer’s VAT number. There have also been many changes to the transaction codes. Product origin : Regarding the origin, the DGDDI...
24 November 2021
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