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Switzerland – Practical Manual – Tax Obligations for Foreign Companies

The Swiss tax authorities have published a practical manual on the tax obligations for foreign companies in Switzerland. This handbook covers aspects that generally affect foreign businesses, including a description of activities requiring VAT registration, possible exemptions in Switzerland and administrative advice on how to register and when to submit VAT returns. It also explains...
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16 July 2021

France – Ruling on VAT Exemption Conditions for Commercial Vessels in 2021

Due to the current health crisis (COVID-19), the activity of commercial vessels in 2020 is not representative of reality and some vessels were not able to pass the 70% navigation outside French waters threshhold, a condition of the FCE (French Commercial Exemption). To compensate for this, the tax authorities exceptionally authorise vessels to assess compliance...
Country Briefs
15 January 2021

Portugal – Clarification of Proof Required for VAT Exemption

On February 3rd 2020, the Portuguese Tax Authorities issued circular No. 30218/2020 providing clarification on what proof is required for shipping or transporting goods when applying for VAT exemptions on Intra-Community transactions of goods. It also specifies what documentation must be kept either by taxable persons transferring goods under the simplified consignment stock scheme or...
Country Briefs
17 April 2020

United Kingdom – New VAT Measures

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer had announced the following regarding UK VAT: No more tax on electronic books and publications: e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines, academic e-journals . This measure was to come into force on 1st December 2020. However, due to the current health crisis (covid-19), the date has been brought forward to 1st May...
17 March 2020

Latvia – New provisions on Reverse Charges and VAT Exemption

From 1st January 2020, the reverse charge mechanism will no longer apply in Latvia to building material supplies and the supply of domestic electrical and household appliances. In addition, the VAT exemption for medical and dental services provided directly to the patient has been extended to include the same services provided to other medical institutions.
18 November 2019
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