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Focus: Romania

Poland – Mandatory electronic invoicing postponed to 2024

Since January1, 2022, Polish companies can issue electronic invoices via the KSeF system) on a voluntary basis. It was envisaged that electronic invoicing would become mandatory for Polish companies from 2023. The Polish government via a statement on June 17, 2022 announced that electronic invoicing will become mandatory from 2024! For more information on electronic...
7 August 2022

Romania – Extension of the reverse charge mechanism until 2026

Article 331 of the Romanian Tax Code indicates that the following goods and services are subject to the reverse charge mechanism when they meet certain criteria: ferrous and non-ferrous waste some woods cereals and plants energy (electricity and gas) Transfer of greenhouse gas emission allowances Investment gold land construction cell phones integrated circuit devices (microprocessors,...
Country Briefs
18 June 2022

Romania – SAF-T document 2022 – timetable for implementation of measures

As mentioned in one of our previous news posts (VAT News in Romania), the Romanian National Tax Agency (ANAF) has announced that, from January 1st 2022, large companies will be required to file an SAF-T document (informative declaration D406). The ANAF has recently published several documents (orders and technical documents) including the timetable for implementation...
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5 October 2021

Romania – SAF-T Document 2022 – Grace Period Extended

You may remember that the Romanian National Tax Agency (ANAF) announced that from January 1st 2022, large companies will be required to file an SAF-T document (D406 informative declaration). The ANAF had planned for a three-month grace period allowing large companies to file the January, February and March SAF-T document by April 1st, 2022. They...
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20 September 2021

Romania – SAF-T documents mandatory by 2022

The Romanian National Tax Agency (ANAF) has announced that from January 1st 2022, large companies will be required to file a SAF-T document (D406 informative declaration) It would appear that a three-month grace period is being granted to large companies. In concrete terms, the SAF-T documents for January, February and March 2022 must be filed...
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18 August 2021

Romania – E-Invoicing Clarification

Romanian tax authorities have confirmed that they hope to have the SAF-T in effect by the end of 2020. The SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) is an international standard for the electronic exchange of data from organisations to national tax authorities or external auditors.
Country Briefs
20 July 2021

Romania: Fractional Payment Scheme Abolished

Following the rejection of its plan by the European Commission, and after several postponements, Romania has finally cancelled the introduction of the fractional payment scheme, a scheme that has already been implemented in Italy and Poland. However, Romania still intends to develop the SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) which is an international standard for...
Country Briefs
18 July 2021

Romania – Split VAT Payment Abolished

From 1st February 2020 the split payment mechanism for VAT has been abolished. This mechanism obliged certain businesses receiving an invoice to settle the invoice they received by means of two separate transfers, one for the amount of the transaction and the other for the amount of VAT charged. The businesses concerned were those in...
Country Briefs
16 July 2021
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