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Focus: Yachting

France – Yacht restrictions lifted

On 17th May 2021, the “State Action at Sea” division of the French Maritime Authorities for the Mediterranean published prefectural order n°094/2021 which, in article 1, provides for the removal of the measures inserted in article 4 of prefectural order n°238/2020 on 30th November 2020. This article provided in particular that foreign ships, flying flags...
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17 May 2021

France – Ruling on VAT Exemption Conditions for Commercial Vessels in 2021

Due to the current health crisis (COVID-19), the activity of commercial vessels in 2020 is not representative of reality and some vessels were not able to pass the 70% navigation outside French waters threshhold, a condition of the FCE (French Commercial Exemption). To compensate for this, the tax authorities exceptionally authorise vessels to assess compliance...
Country Briefs
15 January 2021
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