What VAT rate applies to your products in Europe? The “VAT RATE FINDER” enables e-traders & merchants to determine this precisely, to optimize their sales prices and minimize risks.


VAT rates in Europe are governed by a Community framework that allows each Member State to define standard VAT rate and reduced VAT rates (> see our article.)

Knowing the VAT rate applicable to your products in each EU country is essential:

  • if you are an e-merchant selling to individuals within the European Union,
  • if you are a trader and make taxable purchases and resales in other European Union countries.

What for?

Applying the correct VAT rate to your products in each country represents both an opportunity and a risk:

  • When purchasing, if a standard rate is applied instead of a reduced rate, the tax authorities may deny you the right to deduct VAT wrongly paid to your suppliers.
  • At the point of sale, if you wrongly apply a reduced VAT rate, the tax authorities may reassess you for the amount of VAT not collected (amount of VAT normally due when applying the standard rate – amount of VAT collected at the reduced rate = basis for the tax reassessment).

We offer you a dashboard which, for each product, indicates whether a reduced VAT rate is likely to apply in certain European Union countries. Otherwise, the standard rate applies.

Rate Finder
your reduced VAT rate

For each product(customs nomenclature – CN8 code) and country concerned, you will receive a dashboard including..:

  • Product (customs nomenclatures – NC8 code)
  • The country concerned
  • Reduced VAT rates likely to apply
  • The product category to which the VAT rate applies
  • Description of products to which the reduced rate applies
  • The standard rate applicable in the country in the absence of a reduced rate



by nomenclature and by country


International expansion brings with it a host of logistical, social and tax issues. VAT regulations are among the most complex to master. Regulations change quickly, and the risks are significant.

“As an executive, I appreciate having an expert to ensure my VAT rates applicable in the European Union. It allows me to secure my operations at the best rates and save money without worrying about my compliance.”

Laurent M.



The MATHEZ COMPLIANCE group has been assisting companies and their accountants with their VAT issues for 20 years:

  • MATHEZ INTRACOM, 1st third party declarant in France for EMEBIs (ex-DEB), tax recapitulative statements, DES and Intrastats.
  • EASYTAX for VAT fiscal representation in all countries of the European Union and beyond.
  • MATHEZ FORMATIONa partner of several CROEC (Conseils Régionaux de l’Ordre des Experts Comptables) and various industry associations, has become the benchmark for VAT trainingtraining courses, with unrivalled levels of customer satisfaction.
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For all European Union countries and some third countries.

For all European Union countries and some third countries. For all your VAT, Intrastat & ESL obligations, and your VAT recovery requests.