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The structure of VAT rates, partially harmonized within the European Union, will evolve, and the list of products that can benefit from reduced rates as well: this is what the…

Luxembourg – Clarification of the concept of partial exemption

In decision no. 2024TALCH14/00058 , the 14th Chamber confirmed the position of the 3rd Chamber and the AEDT. A company is automatically classified as a partial taxable person if it carries out both traditional economic activities subject to VAT and holds shares in various subsidiaries without interfering in their management (activities outside the scope of...
Country Briefs
3 June 2024

Netherlands – Exclusion of the Right to Deduction in the Netherlands for Goods and Services Used More Than 90% for Private Use

An EU Council Decision 2020/2189 on 18th December 2020 authorised the Netherlands to introduce a special measure overruling Articles 168 and 168a of Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value added tax. The Netherlands is authorised to exclude VAT due on goods and services from the right of deduction where the goods and services...
20 December 2020

Italy – Clarification of the Right to Deduct VAT

The Italian tax authorities have recently clarified the right to deduct VAT incurred on the importing of goods. According to this statement, the VAT debtor is the owner of the goods and not the customs agent who acts as an indirect representative. In this context, the right to deduct import VAT belongs to the person...
17 April 2020
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