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As a result of BREXIT, British companies liable for VAT in the European Union are likely to have to appoint a fiscal representative.
So you didn't complete your VAT obligations on time in an EU Member State, and you're worried the authorities will apply late penalties? Check the limitation periods that apply in…
Check the risks involved and the late payment interest applied in case you have not fulfilled your VAT obligations in time in a state of the European Union.
Your company may be exempt from VAT, depending on its turnover: check the thresholds for basic VAT exemption in Europe.
Check the 2022 VAT rates applicable to your products and services in the 27 EU member states and Non-EU European countries.
Check the INTRASTAT thresholds in force in 2022 in each of the 27 member states of the European Union, and identify the changes that occurred on January 1st.
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