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Italy – Extension of the reverse charge mechanism until 2026

Article 17 of Presidential Decree n°633 of 26/10/1972 provides that the following goods and services are subject to the reverse charge mechanism when they meet certain criteria Sales of video game consoles, tablets, laptops, Integrated circuit devices (microprocessors and CPUs) Greenhouse gas emission allowance transfers Energy (gas and electricity) Certain subcontracting services in the construction...
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26 June 2022

Italy – New tool to check supplier/customer information using an Italian VAT number

The Italian tax authorities have made a new tool available, allowing sellers to audit and control supplier/customer information provided they have an Italian VAT number. By entering the Italian VAT number of a supplier/customer into this tool, the operator obtains the following information: status – active, suspended (in case of a business lease), discontinued The...
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18 August 2021

Italy – VAT Rate Increase in 2021 and 2022

The Italian government recently announced that if certain budgetary targets are not met by 2020, it will implement a number of VAT rate increases. This includes: an increase in the reduced rate from 10% to 12% from 1st January 2021 an increase in the standard rate from 22% to 25% from 1st January 2021 and...
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16 July 2021

Italy – Clarification of the Right to Deduct VAT

The Italian tax authorities have recently clarified the right to deduct VAT incurred on the importing of goods. According to this statement, the VAT debtor is the owner of the goods and not the customs agent who acts as an indirect representative. In this context, the right to deduct import VAT belongs to the person...
17 April 2020

Italy – VAT Suspension Scheme for Fuel Storage

Paragraphs 937 to 943 of Article 1 of the Finance Act of 27th December 2017 introduced measures to combat VAT fraud, with regard to the release for consumption of fuels and or fuel derivatives from a tax warehouse. The provisions in question only concern warehouses used solely for the storage of fuels and derivative products...
Country Briefs
18 October 2019
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