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Check the VAT rates for your products and services in the 27 EU Member States and the rest of Europe for 2021.

Greece – Standard and Reduced VAT Rates Lowered

On 20th July 2019, the Greek government introduced a bill to reduce the standard VAT rate from 24% to 22%, and the reduced VAT rate from 13% to 11%. The government has also proposed a VAT Suspension in the building sector. Parliament has not yet passed the Act and therefore no implementation date is known...
Country Briefs
20 July 2021
Due to the current health crisis (covid-19), Germany is reducing the standard VAT rate from 19% to 16% and the reduced VAT rate from 7% to 5% from 1st July…

Italy – VAT Rate Increase in 2021 and 2022

The Italian government recently announced that if certain budgetary targets are not met by 2020, it will implement a number of VAT rate increases. This includes: an increase in the reduced rate from 10% to 12% from 1st January 2021 an increase in the standard rate from 22% to 25% from 1st January 2021 and...
Country Briefs
16 July 2021
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