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18 December 2019
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United Kingdom – Post-Brexit Intrastat Requirements for UK Companies

HM Revenue & Customs – HMRC, has announced that UK companies will still be required to file INTRASTAT returns after BREXIT.

The thresholds and deadlines for filing returns will remain unchanged. Consequently, the INTRASTAT return will be required in addition to the customs declaration.

This obligation will no longer apply to companies established within the EU who deliver goods to the United Kingdom.



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As of January1st, the INTRASTAT thresholds in Bulgaria will decrease: Shipping: 290,000 BGN threshold reduced to 270,000 BGN Introduction: 450,000 BGN threshold increased to 450,000 BGN Thresholds for statistical value...
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs ( HMRC) has published INTRASTAT reporting requirements for 2021 on the “UK trade info“ website. In practice: Businesses exceeding the £1500,000 threshold for import of...
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