European Union – Clarification of Sales under Deposit Contracts

The European Commission expects Member States to accept all forms of electronic records for supplier record keeping. The only requirement is that the data be easily accessible and retrievable by the tax authorities.

Suppliers are also permitted to use a single record for several warehouses, provided that the data for each warehouse and each intended recipient is listed separately.



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The simplification measures introduced by “Quick fixes” only apply if the supplier has not established their business, or has no permanent facility, in the Member State the goods are transported...
The European Commission’s VAT Committee acknowledges that small losses of property, which result from the very nature of the property, unforeseeable circumstances or an authorisation or instruction from the competent...
A VAT number may be communicated by any means as long as there is proof the number has been received by the supplier. It may be that exchanging e-mails is...

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