Italy – VAT Suspension Scheme for Fuel Storage

Paragraphs 937 to 943 of Article 1 of the Finance Act of 27th December 2017 introduced measures to combat VAT fraud, with regard to the release for consumption of fuels and or fuel derivatives from a tax warehouse.

The provisions in question only concern warehouses used solely for the storage of fuels and derivative products and not those used for production.

Sales of the products referred to in paragraph 937 made while they are in the warehouses shall be free of VAT. Accordingly an invoice excluding tax must be issued, taking care to point out the non-application of tax under Article 1, paragraph 939, of Law No. 205 of 2017).

The payment of VAT is linked only to the release for consumption of these products from a tax warehouse; therefore, the transfer of these products within a depot or tax warehouse to another tax warehouse should not be subject to VAT.



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